brother bakht singh mission, vision and history


To witness the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and bring many souls into the kingdom of God. To shepherd and build up the believers in the faith and facilitate their growth in the grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ through various ministries of the church. To prepare the church for the glorious second appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The church, which is the body of Christ, is a living organism and not a mere organization. It is formed by the gathering together of born again believers in a given locality as the “Lord adds to the church such as should be saved.” It functions under the headship and lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ as believers gather together steadfastly for worship, breaking of bread, studying the word of God, fellowship and prayers. (Acts 2:42) thereby to show forth His fullness, unity, love, wisdom and power. God is after a worshipping community John 4:23. Therefore sufficient time is allocated for individual worship before the observance of Lord’s Table every Sunday. Witnessing and gospel outreach activity in surrounding areas is constantly carried out.


For about ten years between 1932 to 1941 Br.Bakht Singh was mightily used of the Lord to bring revival in various churches all over India and many were born again. But sadly due to the traditionalism and liberalism prevalent in the nominal Christendom of the day, these souls were unable to grow spiritually and were backsliding into the old life. This gave a great prayer burden to Br.Bakht Singh and co-workers to seek the Lord’s mind to make provision for the growth of these souls coming to know the Lord. The Lord clearly and definitely led them to start the NewTestament pattern churches based on Acts 2:42. As they obeyed the Lord enabled them to begin the first such church at Jehovah Shammah, Madras in 1941. The Lord began to bless the work and it soon spread to many cities towns and villages in the country and abroad.