(Bro. Bakht Singh- Balance of truth May, 1957)

Do we always realize that the mighty God wants us to have His very best. We human beings are so often satisfied, not merely with the second best, but even with the fourth or fifth best. When you go to the bazaar to buy vegetables, do you not look at different qualities and wonder which kind is the best available. At the same time he has some vegetables which are not very good. They are a few days old or are partly rotten. Some people, in order to save a few annas (cents), buy such fourth class vegetables and even though they may get sick afterwards. It does not matter. At least they have saved few annas (cents). God wants them to have the very best but they chose the second or third best. We have mentioned before how often God took His saints of old to mountains. How mighty was His purpose when He took Abraham on the mountain. He took Moses also on the mount to reveal His eternal purpose, and later He took David on a mountain. Twice He took Elijah also on a mountain. Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself went on the mountain-top, with Peter and John and was transfigured there. Again before He ascended to Heaven He took His disciples there.

When John was a prisoner on Patmos, our Lord said to him, “Come on the mountain and see how the bride is prepared.” All these occasions on the mountains speak of some great spiritual experience which God has for His people. But this evening we want to know something about “the great Mountain”, refereed to in Dan. 2:35. That Mountain speaks of the Great and mighty God, and at the same time, it speaks about the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Now this mountain will not only fill the whole earth but it must also first fill the people of God themselves. Let us look first at the prophesy itself. It was made through the Prophet Daniel in the year 603 and has been partly fulfilled. In this way God has been showing to all people that He has heavenly plan for all the nations and kingdoms of the earth.

The great king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon one day had a dream, and he was very troubled because he had forgotten what he had seen in the dream. Some of us also have dreams, and by the morning we do not remember anything about it. So

troubled was the king that he gathered all the wise men of the kingdom to him and questioned them. “You tell me,” he said, “what was the dream I had, and then tell me its meaning.” These wise men and scholars were all paid from the King’s treasury, but even to please him they were unable even to tell the dream and still less the interpretation. Then it was this man Daniel was used by God to tell the King both the dream and the interpretation thereof.

In the dream the king had seen a huge image, with a head of gold, the breast and arms of silver, the belly and thighs of brass, the legs of iron and the feet part of iron and part of clay. Then the king saw a stone “cut out with out hands” and it fell upon the feet of the image, and broke the whole image into pieces. It became like chaff or dry straw which the wind carried away. Then the stone began to increase till it became a big mountain, which filled the whole earth.

In this simple way the Lord showed the proud king things which were to happen afterwards. He prophesized how there will be four great kingdoms of the world, sub-divided at the end into kingdoms, and how in the end all will be completely broken into pieces and the Kingdom of the Living God will cover the whole universe. Now the Rock without hands speaks of the Virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, who did not come by the will of flesh. He was conceived by the Holy Ghost even though He was born of a woman, and laid as a babe in the manger. But we know that one day His Kingdom will be established throughout the whole universe.

I am not immediately concerned with the general interpretation of this prophesy, but about the individual need of each one to be filled with the Lord Jesus Christ, for that Rock was Christ. Now before that Rock could become the great mountain which filled all the earth it had to break the gold, silver, brass and clay into pieces like chaff, which had to be carried away. Then the rock began to increase and become mountain. Look at yourself as God sees you, and you will see that right inside your heart also there is hidden a huge image. So far you may not have realized this, but by the light of the word of God you can see those things which have been brought by Satan into the heart.

What can we learn from the gold, silver, brass, iron and clay as applied to this image in the heart? You will find that each thing has a double meaning,- the gold and silver and also the brass and iron. Firstly, as summed up in the story of man king Nebuchadnezzar is compared to the gold. This king Nebuchadnezzar had become a mighty and great king and the world conqueror of that time. If you study world history you will see how advanced was the kingdom of Babylon in those days. In a short time it spread far and wide, and included many great cities, and amassed much wealth. So in a symbolic way the gold speaks of man’s glory and prosperity. As for ourselves, have not each of us the desire to prosper in the world, and to become great? Some of us may have the ambition to become very wealthy. Others may have the ambition to own much land and others property. Others again have the ambition to have a great name as writers or poets, or inventors. Such is man’s glory! Have you not pride or ambition concerning any of these things,- either hidden or manifest? Surely in every heart is the longing and ambition to be great, and prosperous, and wealthy, and with that ambition we go on working day and night to amass money or gain a great name.

Secondly, silver speaks of the desire to multiply the income. If you are in a business, you want to increase profits, and if you are in Government service you want promotion, and higher income. Some, even if they cannot get the income in the right way, will give or receive bribes in order to get it. Then other devices are planned in order to multiply the income by selling and buying things. Others again will try to get money even from their own children. Some parents will not even allow their children to get married because they want their money. First of all, they will say that they want the girl to be B.T. (teacher) trained or nurse trained etc., then as soon as she gets some job somewhere and the income of the home increases because of it, in a clever way they will begin to say, that the suggested boy is not good enough for my girl, or they will say that he is too black or too short! Thus they find fault, but in reality they do not want to lose the girl’s money, and that is why they make such excuses. Young men have their ambitions also! They may be only matriculate, or B.A.. or Inter-failed, but they must have a nurse or B.T. trained to be their wife. She may be black or white, stout or thin, but she must have education. When we question them about it, they will say shamelessly that the wives are anxious to work. The real thing is that they want more money. Money! That is the great thing in your life. In some parts of South India men actually bargain before

making an engagement. The boy may be only failed matriculates, but their parents will demand from the girl’s parents thousands in dowry before they will accept the girl.

Even many of our so called preachers, who say they live on faith, often have to think up so many devices for getting money, planning to whom to go and what kind of a hint they should give. Missionaries even, are often not exempt. Before going on furlough they will invest 2000 dollars for a camera or movie that will bring a return of 10,000 dollars from America as they show their films. Many missionaries alas! have ruined their heavenly calling in this way, by the love of accumulating money. The love of money has thus ruined preachers, missionaries, parents, young boys and girls, and even life itself by wrong marriages, etc., and in this way many have ignored the heavenly plan and brought reproach upon the name of God. Brass in the Bible speaks of strength, but what a difference there is between human strength and divine strength! The brass then speaks to us of those who depend upon their physical strength for defense, power and victory are upon their own cunning. You find so had to depend upon their glory because every thing own knowledge and power for their strength. (Sentence not clear in the original itself). King David for instance, was tempted to number all the young men of fighting age. He said to Joab: “Go and number the people in the kingdom!” but Joab asks him: “Why do you want to number the men? So far you have not won the battles by your own strength and arms yet now you encourage men to try to depend upon numbers and arms for their strength.”

Fourthly, the iron speaks about weapons of warfare. For many years iron has been used for making swords and daggers for warfare. Now they use iron for guns and machines. So human beings have been depending upon their own weapons for strength and victory. But God has shown us how these weapons are nothing but straw and chaff and that even the greatest kingdom proud of its empire and weapons was crushed to pieces. The Roman Empire was broken to pieces and in the same way every other great kingdom has fallen.

Thus in every heart is found the love for gold and silver and brass, and iron in greater or lesser degree. Men are not able to understand the grace of God, the power of God and the way of God, because their energy is being spent either upon gold, silver, brass or iron and it is these things which hinder you from coming near to God. If you realize your own condition you will find these four forces working, and that is why you have been carried away, pulled and dragged away from God’s power again and again. The Devil deceives us. You think that it is quiet natural to be ambitious to have more money an income. But is this God’s plan to you?

Now what is second meaning of all these things? Gold speaks of the Divine nature I the Bible. Have you been running after man’s glory? God wants you to be partaker of His many born again Christians (something seems to be missing in the original) in which you may boast to day, will one day all be forgotten. Whether you great name, or anything else. If you go near Golkonda Fort in Hyderabad State, you will see many famous old tombs of the old kings of Hyderabad State. Some of them had the ambition that before they died they should build their tombs, so they spent much money and brought many workmen to build them. Now, however, you will find nothing but the bats living round there, and that is the end of all earthly fame and greatness! However when you are given the divine nature, of which gold in the Bible speaks, that nature will develop in you that you may serve your Lord faithfully, and gain a high position in His Kingdom, honoured and respected and served by the heavenly angels

. Again silver in the Bible speaks of the price of redemption paid by the Lord Jesus Christ in His precious blood. How great a price our Lord paid to make us His own. He was betrayed and sold for 30 paltry pieces of silver, but now He has purchased us with blood and because of the price He paid, we have become unto God equally precious. Before your conversion you probably thought of every body in terms of money, and of how much money you could make. Now, as a new creature you must think of everything in terms of blood. No longer de we speak of inferiority or superiority, nor make relationships for the sake of money. We think in terms of God’s perfect will. We meet as equals, and live as equals, and move as equals because of the Blood. It is only because of the blood we enjoy His love in fullness, and that is why we have love for others, and are loved of men of all classes. Before, our aim was to see how much money we could squeeze out of others, but now, we

want only to know how we can serve others and tell them what we have found. This is because of the value of the precious blood of Christ and because we know that every redeemed soul is very precious to God. Thirdly, brass speaks of divine strength. This is not physical strength. It is the knowledge of our loving God as our daily strength (see Jer. 9:23 and Deut. 33:25). We now walk and live and move in the strength of the Holy and the Living God. We may live a long, or a short life; we may have few or many burdens. But according to our days He gives strength.

Fourthly, iron! The weapons of warfare are no longer carnal (2 Cor. 10:4). Our weapon is obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ in the very imagination, and every thought. We do not conquer the devil by our Bible knowledge, or by fasting, or by seeing miracles. It is only by absolute obedience to our Lord that we can conquer the devil everywhere. God wants for us, the true gold, silver, and brass and iron. But before He can give us that, he must take away from us the false gold, the false silver, the false brass and the false iron. That is how we first receive the Lord Jesus Christ as the Rock cut out without hands; we receive Him in a simple way by simple faith. Have you felt that Rock breaking the gold, the silver, the brass and the iron into pieces? and the wind begin to blow and drive out the chaff? The wind is the symbol of the Holy Spirit coming into men’s heart. It is the Holy Spirit who drives out the chaff of gold, silver, brass and iron.

The Rock we are told, increases, and goes on increasing. It will fill you through and through till every lesser thing will be removed and your whole heart and being will be filled with the Lord Jesus Christ. Will you not allow that Rock cut out without hands to come and take full possession in your heart? Will you receive Him? He is ready and waiting to come in. Then the Lord Himself will become your gold, silver, brass and iron. Will you not receive Him? He comes in a very quiet way. You neighbours will not know it, but you will know as He begins to shake and break every image within, and begins to increase till He fills all your heart and life.